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      In the street of native shops the possible purchaser is attacked by storm, every voice yelps out prices. The dealers scrambled into my carriage with a whole catalogue of bargains poured out in a mixed lingo, and with such overpowering insistence that I had to fly. An electric tram-car, provided with a loud bell that rings without ceasing, runs through the suburbs, a dirty swarming quarter[Pg 140] where the streets are alive with naked children, fowls and pigs wallowing in heaps of filth and the mud made by watering the road.After I posted it I was sorry, and tried to get it back, but that

      Please don't keep this letter, but burn it.Yes. What do you want of me?

      to begin paying you--I owe you over two thousand more. It's coming

      I've finished the second draft of my book and am going to begin

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      Devrait tre en lumire


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